Media consumers have come up against a fork in the road.  This fork has not two, but hundreds of paths that we can pursue.  These paths lead to different battles that we can fight.  Should we target the sexual and often violent content on cable channels, or possibly, the biased information we get from these limited resources?  Media consumers are forced to pick and choose their battles, which is a true shame.  Even so, I have chosen my battle to be the fact that the media has a very negative effect on women, and especially teenage girls.

After all, we, as women, make up 51% of the United State’s population.  Sadly, though, I have learned from the documentary Miss Representation, that even if women make up over half of the countries population, we have a meek voice when it comes to the ones who make the media and its policies.  Why is our voice so meek?  It is because in the history of the United States we have only had 34 female governors.  It is because we are under represented in the government and on the media’s committee boards.  It is because 97% of media comes from the male perspective.

The men who want suggestive yet violent ads to put on television, the men who write provocative scripts for movies, the men who show women with too much skin in pictures, these are the very men in charge of the media.  They are making America’s women feel depressed about their bodies and about themselves. 53% of thirteen year old girls are unhappy with their appearance, that number jumps to 78% by the time they are seventeen or older.   This is also about the time they are exposed to more of the media’s harsh realities.  Girls come in all shapes and sizes, but when we see one kind of “fantasy” woman placed all over the media and we don’t look like that, it makes us feel insecure and depressed.

We females are being “miss-represented” and we need to do something about it.  First we can get informed by finding out where we can watch the documentary Miss Representation.  I know that for me, I am going to be aware of the media I watch, and if I ever get to create media I am going to make sure it is both male and female friendly, because 97% of the media’s perspective should not come from 49% of the gender in our country.  That is just WRONG!

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