The Power Of Potter’s Box

Advertising targets people.  But that’s not the only reason people don’t like ads.  Advertising negatively targets our children; our curiosity; our insecurities; our fears; and our initial, primal wants, in one short clip right after another.   Even so I plan on being an advertiser.

When I enter the media workforce I need to pick and choose what causes I want to use my creative abilities for. I can choose many things, ranging from choosing a higher paying job for Wendy’s to a lower paying job for an eco-friendly company. I may want the higher paying job but my morals may want me to pick the other job.  I will fix this dilemma with the help of Potter’s box.

To access the four quadrants of Potters box, Problem Definition, Analysis of Values, Application of Principles, Delineation of Loyalties, I first need to know what those words mean, but also I need to gather all of the information I can about the project in question.  I need to know all the facts of the job, what my options are, what the principles I have are, and also where my loyalties lie.

For example if I were offered a job to help run ads for McDonalds I would need to figure out how I would be selling their product, to whom I would be selling the product to.  I would look at my options; to either walk away from the job or to work on it.  I would look at the ethics of McDonald’s.  Then I’d look at my ethics and figure out if the job is right for me.

I have to be ready to research, and make difficult decisions.  The power of advertising is huge, and if used correctly I know I can make a change worthy of any television screen.

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