2012… An Election To Remember

I do not use media for political information.  I don’t use the media because I find that finding a media source I can trust can be tricky.  When virtually anyone can write a “factual” blog post about the upcoming 2012 election so it is difficult to find out what media source I can trust, who I side with and who I should be politically loyal to.  I find that I veer away from finding out more about politics and the upcoming election because of the fact that I don’t know what source it is that I can trust.  Being that it is my first election I can vote in I weigh this decision heavily in my mind.

Though there is no such thing as an unbiased media source I still have no idea how I can find one that will match my views… or even to tell me all of the facts without highlighting certain points and dis-regarding others.  I find that all I really get is negative facts and opinions about candidates.  Which leads me to chose who I vote for by one simple idea:  Which person is less awful?  Who is the best of the worst?

I am stuck in a perpetual cycle of thought:  I need to vote, I need to be an informed voter, how do I become informed, can I trust a particular source and how then can I tell if that decision is right for me.  I think that is where my generation is floundering because we new voters don’t know how to sort through the negative and over stated views abut the candidates.  Overall I believe we new voters need a clear source that states facts, all the facts.  We need live news broadcasting not short memos because we are the voice of the future and we need facts not opinions.




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