Diversity In Look; Diversity In Ads

In advertising there is little to be said for diversity; diversity in look,  in ethnicity, in age, in body type.  This perpetuates harmful imagery to young people who want to be like the people on the cover of major magazines, or who even want to fit in to the culture around them.  When people, especially young people, do not see faces or actions that match their own they become part of the spiral of silence. When in the spiral people either try to morph themselves into what they see in advertising or they try to not speak up about the lack of diversity within the media.  The way I see it advertising can be used either for positive purposes or for negative purposes.  It is up to advertisers and the companies they work for if they want to perpetuate negative and harmful ways of thinking and seeing.  I believe if advertisers watch the movie Codes Of Gender by Sut Jhally they would realize what stereotypes for men and women they are perpetuating. I think advertising firms should hold sessions in which their employees can watch Codes Of Gender.  This educational and eye opening DVD costs about $200 but it could change the advertising world and help advertisers see the stereotypes and catch 22’s that they are pushing forth.  It would open many eyes to see the same types women and men in such vast amounts in ads, especially when compared to the diversity in the actual human population.  Overall I think this session would help advertisers realize what power they have and hopefully encourage them to find new ways of selling things.



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