How Art Continues To Make The World

In recent years I have seen a series of documentaries called How Art Made The World.

This series is paired with the book by Simon Malpas, How Art Made The World and together, the book and series, has been crucial in my understanding of the importance of art in the history of human beings.  The first of the five videos is called More Human Than Human.



This documentary focuses on the depiction of humans throughout time.

The next video is called The Day Pictures Were Born.



This part of the series focuses on the time frame of pictures and art.  This documentary showed me how long art has been made, that art historians and archeologists know of thus far.

The next video is called The Art Of Persuasion.



This video is crucial and relevant to our day-to-day culture.  During elections I used to believe that the most important thing to do was to put your face out into the public arena along with a catchy slogan.  I never realized how calculated political strategists were and also how long subliminal messaging through images has been around for.

The fourth part in this series of videos called Once Upon A Time.



This part goes into depth about how movies in current days have been influenced by story telling techniques from the ancient past.  This documentary is incredibly interesting as many of the methods of storytelling used in art from hundreds of thousand of years ago are still being used today.  These methods include camera angles, having a hero and a villain, and a plot, along with scene changes.

The last video is called To Death and Back.



In a day and age where medicine can keep a person alive for a prolonged series of time this documentary focuses on why humans fear death and how we depict death through art.

Overall through these videos I have grasped a further understanding of why I am studying art history and how important art has been and still is to today’s culture.


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