Creative Block

Creative block.  It is possibly one of the most frustrating things when trying to make a piece of art, or write a paper, or compose a song.  It is that wall inside of your mind that prohibits you from getting anywhere in your work.  Being an art major I have come to collect many tips and tricks to climb over the wall that is creative block.

The first trick I have learned is listening to the same song on repeat.  The song playing currently is Wonderwall by Oasis.  It is the song I have listened to for the past 3 years when creating art.  I suggest a mellow song that plays softly in the background while you work.  In this way nothing too interesting distracts you, but you also have something to ground yourself to the present task at hand.

One of these tricks is the 50-10 rule.  Work on what ever it is you are working on for 50 minutes and then take a break for the next ten minutes.  This break time activity can be anything from taking a walk or changing the music and dancing like crazy for these ten minutes to get the aches and pains out of your body.

The third trick I have is to act.  I act instead of plan.  I do this instead of waiting for an idea of a finished product to come to me.  In art I make a mark and then I react to the mark I just made.  In writing I write and write in a style called free-style or word-vomit.  I literally write and continue to write for five minutes straight.  I have found that writing by hand works best for me.  I do not edit when I free-write.  I simply continue writing for the full five minutes.


The final product of all of these tricks and tips can be found in my studio.  I have put together a gallery showing of my work, all of which had originally given me creative block.


In review to get over creative block:

  1. Listen to a non-distracting song on repeat
  2. Take a ten minute break for every fifty minutes of work
  3. Act, don’t plan.

The finished product might surprise you!



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